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       It's been awhile. The fruitman has been busy harvesting all of this year's crops and preparing for the long cold winter. What a great year we had! More on that very soon though, it's time for another installment of Farmer Fridays. With winter and the holidays coming up, this Friday's post includes a few gift ideas as well as recipes to get you on your merry way. Of course there is a touch of humor sprinkled in as well. So go grab yourself a HOT Tottie, curl up and lets heat things up! Feel free to submit your own links, photos and videos for future Farmer Fridays...

The World's HOTTEST Pepper?        Why are some of us addicted to the pain, suffering and burn of hot peppers? Discover Magazine tosses out the science behind the truth and spells it out in layman's terms. No bones about it, I think they couldn't have done a better job.
(link: discovermagazine)


Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
       Got a favorite hot head? Looking for something fun to get them without breaking the bank? Ass Blaster Hot Sauce has some painfully hilarious and tasty gift sets and collector's bottles available. Make it a root'n toot'n Christmas!
(link: peppersoftexas)


Jalapeno Popper Dip        Football season is really heating up and it's almost playoff time. Looking for an easy game-time snack to serve your couch-coaching friends? This spicy recipe for Jalapeno Popper dip is sure to score a touchdown. A real crowd pleaser.
(link: someoneleftthecakeoutintherain)


Fiesta at Rick's
       Gift giving season is here and everyone has someone that is impossible to buy for. Luckily everyone eats. Top Chef Rick Bayless (of Frontera) walks you through 150 fiesta-inspired recipes; from spicy appetizers to delicious desserts.
(link: amazon)


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