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bottled up some of fruitman's famous original spice mix. This year's is sure to be a hit!

       Happy Holidays from fruitman farms! Now that the weather has turned cold and the crops are all in, that doesn't mean all is quiet here on the farm. A great deal of work still remains, even throughout the winter months. Why just a few days ago I put the wraps on the plans for next year's crops. Just waiting now for my shipment of seeds to arrive for indoor planting in mid January. A full month earlier than last year's seedlings. But before I even started worrying about next year's chilies, I wanted to finish up the enormous amount of work left from this past season's chili harvest.

       I'm not going to lie, as much as I love chilies, farm work does become slightly tedious. During the spring the seedlings need to be taken special care of to make sure they mature into healthy plants, then the summer's constant watering (nearly daily sometimes), followed by the late summer & early fall's harvest. It seems like hours and hours of laborious harvesting, and once you get the crops harvested and inside away from fall's brutal chill, a farmer's tasks are still not finished. There's still cleaning, seed collecting and the drying of the chilies that needs to be done. BATCH AFTER BATCH, after batch of chilies; rotating in and out of the dehydrator until the chilies are shriveled and brittle - ready for crushing. Into the processor they go, batch after batch; cleaning between each variety to ensure purity of each chili-specific flake offering. Over and over again, until the entire remaining crops have been dried and bottled. And then even more cleaning. A farmer's work is never done.

      And the end result? A huge collection of different chili flake bottles, ranging from flavorful Thai Dragon flakes to a potent blend of Habaneros sure to add plenty of heat to an otherwise chili Midwest winter. Not to mention a few vials of potentially dangerous Bhut Jolokias. And probably the most popular of the entire collection of flakes is fruitman's chili farm original spice mix. 2011's blend surely won't disappoint. This year's mix has a little bit of everything: Hot Bananas, Tabascos, Cayennes, Jalapenos, Black Hungarians, Lemon Drops, Peperoncini, Thai Dragons, Big Jims, and just the right amount of Red and White Habaneros to make it pop. The 2011 spice mix has the perfect balance of heat, flavor and aroma and is great in everything; soups, pasta sauce, chili, stir fry, pizza, sandwiches and pretty much anything else you could imagine! It's going to be a HOT TASTY MESS at the farm house this winter. And I can't wait!

seeds harvested for next year's crop
(thai dragon)


fruitman's chili farm original spice mix 2011
(a spicy, flavorful & aromatic blend of the
entire 2011 fruitman crop; jolokia excluded)


thai dragon flakes


it was a good year for lemon drops!


a fiery mix of red & white habaneros


bhut jolokia flakes
(ripened red & unripened green)


a huge year for fruitman's chili farm! it's going to be one HELL of a winter!


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